Buglife & Buttacup working together

The famous charity devoted to the protection of all invertebrates, Buglife, has teamed up with Buttacup to work together to increase bug populations and prevent extinction.

Buglife, also known as The Invertebrate Conservation Trust, will receive a donation from Buttacup sales, which will support their fantastic charitable work to save Britain?s rarest small animals, everything from bees to beetles, worms to woodlice and Horrid ground-weaver spiders to jellyfish. If you would like to find out more visit stand G72 at the Garden Press Event

“Buglife is delighted to announce our endorsement and association with the Buttacup range. These ingenious devices will help slow the flow of water particularly in built up areas potentially reducing the risk of flooding and also providing self-watering planting space that can be used to create an oasis of food and shelter for the small things that run the planet, making a real contribution to saving our bees, butterflies and other vital bugs,” commented Paul Hetherington, director of communications at Buglife.

There are more than 40,000 invertebrate species in the UK, and many of these are under threat as never before. Invertebrates are vitally important to a healthy planet.? Humans and other life forms could not survive without them.? Invertebrates underpin life on earth and if they become extinct the world?s ecosystems would collapse.

It is expected that further promotional offers will be organised and a new Buttacup product is in development to help attract bees.? It is also planned that advice will be offered to gardeners to encourage the propagation, purchase and planting of suitable fauna and flowering plants, which attract bugs and provide a suitable environment for habitation and sustenance.

With both organisations having a sustainable ethos, as part of the arrangement, Buglife is selling Buttacup products on their website and will also be representing Buttacup to some of the larger retail organisations, to introduce the innovative Buttacup garden planter to some of the major stores and resellers.

Bjorn Wood, founder of Buttacup, said: “It?s great to be teaming up with such a fantastic organisation that is increasing biodiversity and working to create new habitats for these essential bugs and something we love to support.”

For further information please visit the Buglife website at www.buglife.org.uk or for details of the Buttacup range, please visit www.buttacup.co.uk

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