Burgon & Ball is proud to announce the launch of its NEW Raspberry Pink collection

Burgon & Ball announced new?Pink collection of gardener?s accessories designed by the award winning Sophie Conran.

Gardener?s Gubbins Pots

?just when I need a label or a piece of wire I can?t find one, or its all tangled up in a spool of twine. These gorgeous tins bring a pleasing order to all my bits and bobs and save me hours of hunting and unravelling as well, and I do like a bit or order in my chaotic life?. Sophie Conran

Width 20cm square, depth 10cm. Each set contains 9 pots sitting in a holding tray. RRP ?19.95

Herb Pots

?These elegant herb pots look gorgeous on my kitchen window-sill and ensure that my favourite herbs are always to hand?. Sophie Conran

Three individual pots sitting within a watertight tray. Tray 32cm wide x11cm deep. Pots 1cc high.?RRP ?14.95

Watering can

?Delivering exactly the right amount of water to precisely the right place in the plant pot is a bigger ask of a watering can than you might imagine ? it?s all about balance, design and feel of the can in your hand

I?ve spent a long time working to get these cans just right as well as looking lovely enough to leave out on my window-sill?. Sophie Conran

RRP ?14.95

Everyday Gloves and Gardener?s Gauntlets

?I keep this pair of gloves by the back door and slip them on every time I pop out for a spot of gardening. They fit like a ?glove (should!) and are deliciously comfortable and elegant too?. Sophie Conran

Palm and fingers made from hard-wearing, ultra soft fabric that doesn?t go stiff when wet. 2 way stretch mesh inserts between fingers help regulate hand temperature and improve dexterity. Wrist strap makes the gloves adjustable and gives the snug fit necessary to stop bits dropping down inside them.?RRP ?14.95


?These gloves are amazing to wear when I?m pruning & cutting ? soft, supple and beautiful. The extra-long cuffs keep my arms free from scratches and allergies and the palm re-enforcements keep blisters at bay?. Sophie Conran

Palm and fingers made from hardwearing, ultra-soft fabric that doesn?t go stiff when wet. Re-enforced pad across the back of the gloves adds extra protection for knuckles.

Deep cuffs, in allium bloom printed cotton fabric. Makes them the perfect gloves for working with plants that irritate the skin or are thorny. RRP ?14.95

NB All products will be available September 2014



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