Burgon & Ball tools feature on ITV’s ?Love Your Garden?

Burgon & Ball, the UK?s longest-established manufacturer of garden tools and accessories, has been helping Alan Titchmarsh and the Love Your Garden team give gardens all over the country a new lease of life, with a range of tools and accessories for the new series.

In the sixth year of the popular ITV show, Burgon & Ball tools again help the team to tackle all sorts of gardening tasks. To meet the demands of a hectic filming schedule at locations all over the country, the Sheffield-based manufacturer despatched a range of tools. These included digging forks and spades, Groundbreaker spades, hand tools, pruning knives, Ground Master multi tools, Kneelo kneelers and rakes.

After learning that the presenters face the perennial problem of hand tools ?going walkabout?, Burgon & Ball suggested that each member of the team has their own trowel. Alan, David, Katie and Frances now have their own trowels, with their name engraved ? to avoid any confusion!

The presenters love the new tools. After a previous series, the team wrote on the Love Your Garden blog: ?Burgon & Ball has supplied every show of the series with some of the finest wooden-handled spades, forks and hand tools known to man. We put them through their paces during the build and they didn?t let us down.?

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