Burgon & Ball unveils its New ?Essential Tools? range

Burgon & Ball is proud to unveil its NEW, innovative and problem solving range of ?Essential Tools? ? Ideal Christmas stocking fillers for practical gardeners

With almost 300yrs of practical gardening experience and tool manufacturing excellence to call upon, Burgon & Ball?s ?Essential Tools?, solve many of those Simple (but frustrating) day-to-day problems that gardeners face throughout the growing season.

Burgon & Ball Cell Tray Tamper

Successful seed germination calls for a precise and methodical approach to achieve optimum growing performance.

Cell trays with firm and level compost, avoid water puddling and promote early germination and strong root growth – something that will pay dividends during the growing and harvesting months to come.

No more waste or messy potting bench! 3.5cm FSC? Beech wood square tamper – perfectly sized for use in Cell Trays. RRP: ?4.95

Burgon & Ball Seed Tray Tamper

For larger seed trays, Burgon & Ball?s Seed Tray Tamper is both practical and hugely satisfying to use. The 8cm square, FSC? Beech wood, tamper firms and levels the compost in readiness for the sowing of seeds and by doing so increases the chances of a successful germination.

RRP: ?5.95

Burgon & Ball Round Pot Tamper

For supporters of the traditional round pot, Burgon & Ball have also introduced the Round Pot Tamper, measuring 8cm in diameter, the FSC? Beech wood, round tamper creates optimum conditions? for the successful germination of seeds requiring that little extra space.

RRP: ?5.95

Cell Tray Trowels

Handy sized pair of trowels – perfect for filling cell trays without messy overspill and transplanting seedlings into pots or the garden.

FSC? Beech wood handles.

Overall trowel length 18cm.

RRP: ?8.95

Planting out made simple, efficient and much more productive!

A well-spaced and regimented vegetable plot, planted for the benefit of both plants and gardener alike, produce the greatest yields.

Burgon & Ball Planting Ruler

Burgon & Ball?s Planting Ruler is surprisingly useful, featuring seed sowing holes, metric and imperials graduations and your very own plant spacing guide it improves the layout of your plot to increase yields and minimise wastage. RRP: ?8.95

Burgon & Ball New Planting Line

To create straight and even lines of vegetables and herbs with sufficient spacing between the rows, use Burgon & Ball?s New Planting Line.

2 hand turned FSC? Beech wood posts with 15m of natural jute twine removes the guess work and ensures optimum results.

RRP: ?10.95

Burgon & Ball Dibblet

To ensure the accuracy and depth of your planting holes, Burgon & Ball?s New Dibblet comes complete with 1cm depth graduations and planting guide.

RRP :?4.95

Burgon & Ball Seed Storage Envelopes

For the ultimate in sustainable gardening, Burgon & Ball?s Seed Storage Envelopes allow you to collect and store seeds from the previous year?s favourite varieties. Sealed, recorded and dated, the envelopes can be safely stored in readiness for warmer, frost-free seed planting days.

RRP: ?3.95- pack of 12 envelopes.

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Burgon & Ball Plant Support Rings

Support young growth to minimise damage and maximum yields.

For speed and ease of use when securing plants to canes or stakes, use Burgon & Ball?s Plant Support Rings. Containing 24 x 4.5 cm diameter plant rings they are perfect for supporting tomatoes trusses or other multiple yielding fruits & vegetables.

RRP: ?2.95

Burgon & Ball Bobbin of Twine

End of season clear up made simple with Burgon & Ball?s Bobbin of Twine. Jute is 100% biodegradable, so at the end of the season, annuals and vegetable plants can be composted – twine and foliage together.

No need to untangle. FSC? Beech wood bobbin. RRP: ?6.95

Burgon & Ball Thorn Stripper

A simply ?must have? for all Rose Growers ? by pulling the Burgon & Ball Thorn Stripper along freshly cut? stems, it strips leaves and /or thorns with minimum effort- ideal for safe handling and flower arranging.

RRP : ?5.95

Burgon & Ball Plant Labels

6 plant labels in 3 sizes, ideal for marking large plants or vegetables, labelling in plant pots and keeping a record of your seedlings.

FSC? hardwood. Label lengths 10cm, 15cm and 20cm.

RRP: ?6.99

Burgon & Ball Mini Snips

Pocket sized snips perfect for deadheading, collecting herbs and pinching out annuals. 11cm in length with short razor sharp blades.

RRP :?4.95

Burgon & Ball?s Essential Tools range is available from all good garden centres and burgonandball.com.



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