Burgon & Ball unveils innovative Weed Slice

Building upon its proud heritage of innovative design and manufacturing excellence, Burgon & Ball?s new Weed Slice is set to revolutionise weeding.

Manufactured in Sheffield from hardened and tempered high carbon steel, the Weed Slice?s weed-slice-lifestyle-03innovatively designed delta wing shaped head slices through both compacted soil and gravel beds with the minimum of effort and fuss. By skimming just under the surface of the soil, Weed Slice minimises soil disturbance, in turn reducing both new weed germination and also moisture loss.

Cutting on both the push and pull strokes, Burgon & Ball?s Weed Slice is both quick and efficient. Standing 148cm high, the Weed Slice eliminates stooping and back strain and allows you to weed at a distance thereby avoiding further soil compaction.

special features include: hardened and tempered high-carbon steel head with stainless steel tang, a polished FSC? Ash handle, a head width of 10cm and overall length of 148cm.


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