Burgon & Ball?s specially selected Bee Friendly Seeds

Give nature a helping hand by planting your very own Bee Caf? with Burgon & Ball?s specially selected Bee Friendly Seeds.

Burgon & Ball?s Bee Friendly seeds have been specially chosen to provide our endangered Bee population with a delicious smorgasbord of nectar and pollen producing plants.

Since the 1930?s, 97% of British meadows have disappeared and their demise has contributed to the massive decline in the UK?s natural bee population and other pollinators on whom so much of the UK?s agricultural industry and natural habitat depends. Here?s your chance to redress the balance!

Available in both Blue and Yellow collections, the packs contain enough seeds to transform the humble back garden into glorious swathes of highly scented and bee friendly flowers that will nourish our natural pollinators throughout the year.

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