Businesses boost school?s garden

Two businesses have worked together to give a Shoreham school a better garden for pupils.

Staff from M&S Bank and Mayberry Garden Centre in Portslade have reached out their green fingers to help Herons Dale Primary School.

It means the children, who have a wide spectrum of special educational needs, can get more benefit from the outside space, including appreciating the colourful new plants.

The garden centre, in Old Shoreham Road, provided the tools and equipment for the bank staff to use to clear and improve the open spaces.

Andrulla Hajistylli from M&S Bank said: ?The continued support offered from Mayberry has been really appreciated by the bank and Herons Dale school.

?Thanks to their donation of tools, we were able to complete a job for the school and improve their gardens.?

The school has been saving its budget for building work at the Hawkins Crescent site, so it did not have the money to spend on the garden.

Andy Hesketh, retail manager at Mayberry, said: ?We are delighted that we could come together with another business and do some good work in the local community.

?We wish the M&S Bank project every success in their continued support for the school and their gardens.?

The school has large grounds and the curriculum includes developing spontaneous communication and promoting spiritual, moral, cultural and physical development.

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