Clean Eating for Dogs campaign welcomed by British dog lovers

Despite being championed as a nation of animal lovers, British dog owners are still in the dark when it comes to what is in their dog?s dinner.

A survey commissioned by Forthglade, Devon-based producer of natural dog food, has found a surprising 85% of UK dog owners are not certain of the ingredients that go into their much-loved canine?s food and less than a fifth (19%) stop to read the ingredients list.

Over half (51%) of the 2,000 dog owners questioned admitted they are not completely confident that the food they give their dog is of high quality. Less than half(49%) are certain that they feed their dog a healthy diet and the remaining 51% confess they?re unsure how healthy their dog?s feeding regime is, with some even admitting to feeding their pooch friend unhealthy food.

The research marks the launch of a new healthy eating campaign for dogs by Forthglade. Clean Eating for Dogs has been created to educate dog owners on the importance of a pure, natural and balanced diet for our favourite four-legged friends. This regime is certainly in demand with a staggering 92% of British dog owners saying they?d welcome a new healthy eating campaign for dogs.

To bring Clean Eating for Dogs to life, Forthglade has partnered with two handsome brothers ? a pair of lively cocker spaniels known as The Houndsley Brothers. The shiny coated brothers are the face of a new downloadable Clean Eating for Dogs booklet. The fact-filled guide is designed to help dog owners understand the importance of a healthy diet for dogs. Now available to download, the guide is packed with advice on canine nutrition and its influence on behavior and health.

Forthglade?s managing director, Gerard Lovell, comments: ?The trend for clean eating is hugely popular amongst those passionate about good inner health. Humans thrive on ?clean? food free from artificial ingredients and full of natural goodness? and so can dogs.

?Poor canine diet leads to a poor association with mealtimes, fussy eaters, as well as lacklustre coats, bad breath, unpleasant or irregular bowel-movements and sadly, disease.? Owners will be amazed by the changes in their pets when they switch dogs to a clean, nutrient-dense dog food.?

Gerard, continues: ?This is not about dieting and it?s not a fad or wellness craze – it?s about pure, nutritious food for life. When you make the change to natural dog food, you and your dog will both look forward to mealtimes, nourishing your relationship as well as your dog?s physical and mental wellbeing.?

Nick Jones, canine behaviourist with over a decade of experience supports the campaign, adding: ?In my work I frequently look at areas in the dog?s ?family? life to create a relationship that allows the animal to be well mannered, content and free from stressful behavioural patterns. The right food plays a massive role in creating the right associations, and providing a nutritious, balanced diet should be the first step in achieving this; dogs will learn to relax and enjoy their environment.?

You can download the Houndsley Brothers Clean Eating For Dogs booklet at

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