Campaign to sell more poinsettias this Christmas

The Stars for Europe marketing initiative is picking up pace for another year, with the aim to help you sell more poinsettias with festive marketing and events.

The pan-European initiative encompasses a wide and varied range of strategies, from consumer press relations to social media marketing and extravagant floral design.

Maligned in recent years for being a bit old-fashioned, Stars for Europe is bringing the poinsettia back thanks to an array of activities, changing the plant?s image and bringing it to the forefront of everyone?s mind come the Christmas shopping season.

International Poinsettia Day takes place once again on 12 December. This year the event will be supported by a mass social media and PR campaign.

PR aficionado Liz Anderson has been brought on board with the campaign to maximise Christmas coverage, having headed up the popular British Flowers Week.

Stars for Europe will also again be joining forces with Peter Seabrook at The Sun, in a collaboration which will see hundreds of poinsettias delivered to primary school children and residential homes across the country.

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