Canine Partners announced Haskins Garden Centre?s Charity of the Year

The Haskins Roundstone Garden Centre has continued its tradition of dedicating its fundraising wishing well and events throughout the year to a charity from the West Sussex region.? Members of Canine Partners, a charity that trains assistance dogs for people with disabilities, attended the centre?s announcement to say that they are this year?s chosen charity. Once trained the dogs transform the lives of people with physical disabilities by training amazing dogs to help with everyday tasks they would otherwise find difficult, painful or impossible including opening doors, undressing, pressing buttons, and emergency response.? The dogs increase independence, confidence and provide loving companionship.

Nick Joad, General Manager at Haskins, welcomed Canine Partners? Regional Fundraiser Jane Grant and a team of volunteers, known as puppy parents to the store.? These Volunteers take trainee assistance puppies into their home at eight weeks and teach them basic obedience, social skills and core tasks until they are around 14 months old, before the dogs move onto advanced training, where their skills are refined specifically for a disabled person?s needs.

Nick said that the centre would not only fundraise but encourage Canine Partners volunteers and their trainee assistance dogs to visit regularly to help socialise the puppies: ?Our customers enjoyed seeing the group and we hope to see the team frequently throughout 2015.?

Jane Grant said: ?We are really delighted that Haskins Roundstone Garden Centre has chosen us to be their Charity of the Year during our 25th anniversary year. We have a long association with them as our puppy parents regularly pop in with our young pups to help them get used meeting lots of people in the brightly coloured and busy environment, which is the kind of situation they will have to cope with when they are partnered with someone who has disabilities.?

The Haskins website will provide details of events and activities to be held at the centre. Anyone wishing to offer support, or to find out more about Canine Partners, can contact Jane Grant directly on 01730 716016 or

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