Cardiff garden centre fire: cause remains unknown

Mystery surrounds the cause of a fire which gutted a Cardiff garden centre.

Six weeks on from the?blaze at Blooms Garden Centre in St Mellons?the reason behind the fire is still unknown.

Firefighters were called to the garden centre on Newport Road at about 10:20 pm on November 20.

They battled the 35 ft high flames for three and a half hours before the fire was under control.

The fire left behind a trail of debris, ash and rubble as the blaze affected about 70% of the site.

Around 60 people worked at the site and are understood to have kept their jobs.

An investigation by South Wales Fire and Rescue Service has already concluded that the fire was accidental but it said yesterday that the cause is still unknown.

A spokesman for the fire service said the investigation report concludes ?accidental ignition by an unknown cause?.

The Garden Centre Group, which owns Blooms, said it is now waiting to receive a detailed report from its insurers? fire forensic officers at the end of this month.

It said it could not make any further comment on the cause of the fire until that time.

A spokesman said: ?We can confirm that no members of staff or our customers were on site at the time the fire started and the garden centre will remain closed for the foreseeable future while we investigate options for re-opening the centre.?

He said the ?massive support? from the local community via Facebook and emails has been much appreciated.

He said the company was also pleased to see many customers at its Christmas tree and wreath shop held outside the St Mellons site in early December.


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