Casting worms aside!

For several decades, lawns both small and large have been plagued by worm casts. The worms do a splendid job in the soil just beneath the grass plant crown, but it’s their soil cast deposits that pose a real problem for lawn owners.

The domestic lawn is set to become a sanctuary for casting worms this spring. The record volume of rainfall this winter coupled with mild temperatures is the ideal scenario for this to become a reality. Although the ideal time for worm cast control is early September, the use of Cast Clear ? can help alleviate worm deposits now!

Unique Liquid Combination

CastClear ? is an organic non-pesticide control solution available to domestic lawn owners to deter the worms from casting. There are only five types of casting worms found in UK lawns.(Other European countries also suffer wormcasts on turf.) This unique liquid combination of nutrients deters worms from coming closer to the surface and the lawn will remain firmer, drier and cleaner. Grass density and cover over the autumn to spring months will be also be retained.

The lawn may be mown later in the growing season too. The avoidance of worm casts deposited on the surface of the lawn will avoid major mowing issues such as clogging and the resultant problems for cylinder and rotary mowers. They can also accumulate around rollers and wheels and operators feet giving them the classical 1970?s platform shoes in no time! In 2014 this can be avoided!

Forms a Barrier

The ideal time for worm cast control is traditionally at the very end of the summer leading into the autumn. This is when rainfall and humid temperatures are expected, through to the spring when mowing activity increases. CastClear? merely forms a barrier in the soil that the worms will not pass through as it represents an irritant to them. When they consume the soil containing the nutrient based deterrent, they stay deeper in the soil for up to 20 days whilst the chemical remains effective in the soil.? Re-treatment will be required every 20 days following the first application at just one third of the initial dose rate.

Three Units of Sale

CastClear ? comes in three units of sale. Prices start at ?29.99 for the 1 Litre bottle. Apply at 200ml in a minimum of 2.5 Litres of water per 100 sqm of lawn in a garden sprayer. It’s a very economical product, given its performance!

Units of Sale Ml????? RRP 2014??????? Lawn Area Treats Sqm

1000???????????????????? ? 29.99??????????????????????????? 500

?500????????????????????? ?19.99????? ???????????????????????250???????????????????????????????????????

?250?????????????????????? ? 9.99???????????????????????????? 125



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