Charity Greenfingers thanks garden industry for support

Speaking on behalf of Greenfingers charity, Linda Petrons, director of fundraising and communications said she and her colleagues have been overwhelmed by the amazing support and generosity of the UK’s booming gardening industry.

“We would have understood if our supporters had scaled back their efforts and donations in light of the pandemic,” says Linda. “But the opposite is true, with the most recent being a wonderful gift of £50,000 from the team at Smart Garden.”

Paris Natar, Smart’s chairman, comments: “We are delighted to support the work of Greenfingers charity, knowing how hard it is at the moment with corporate donors squeezing charity budgets. Smart, like many gardening businesses, has been lucky enough to bounce back strongly from lockdown. It therefore felt like the right time to deploy some of our profits for the benefit of our industry’s favourite charity.”

Linda adds: “Naturally we are delighted and remain optimistic that more supporters will come forward in the coming weeks and months. There is a growing waiting list of Children’s Hospices across the UK that need us to continue building much-needed gardens for them and we are determined to help each and every one.”

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