Chelsea range success for Deco-Pak

Deco-Pak,Garden and landscaping supplier, have had a busy year, and it’s set to continue with success of its Chelsea Garden products, a range of growing media essentials, which has been steadily outperforming rival products.

Retail partner Thompsons Plant and Garden Centre has revealed it sold over four times more stock than usual, with sales of?horticultural sands and gravel ranges up?150% year on year.

The reasons behind the improved sales are as simple as they are numerous.? At Glee 2016, Deco-Pak announced sales support for its Chelsea range in the form of its unique ?Retail Theatre? merchandisers.? These would show products on display in attractive mini gardens in between easy to shop grab packs and headed up by enticing ?3 for ?10? offers.

Deco-Pak’s general manager, Rod Slater explains how the focus on improving the customers shopping experience was key. ?In the case of Thompsons Plant & Garden Centre, we were able to work closely to focus on how customers were shopping for basics such as potting grit and sharp sand.? It was agreed early on that customers needed to not only see the retail theatre and the offers laid out in front of them – the also needed quick and easy access to companion products.? Thompsons Plant & Garden Centres had merchandised the Chelsea range within close proximity to pots and plants they knew would be in demand with their customer demographic and we saw instant results.? Of course, there is effort involved, from both sides, and keeping displays fresh and stock frequently replenished is key.?? But once set up, a previously forgotten area of the garden centre soon springs to life on its own.?

Craig Hall, Deco-Pak’s marketing manager, said:? “What we?ve managed to achieve with the Chelsea Garden Range has been a great example of how well we can work with retailers.? But it?s also testament to the work we?ve been putting in to marketing, with newly updated high gloss packaging, which includes professional horticultural advice and step-by-step guides.”

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