Christmas Stolen from Baytree Nurseries

The Grinch turned up in Weston wielding a chainsaw to steal Christmas in the shape of ?900 worth of trees.

Goodwill went missing at Baytree Nurseries Garden Centre when 20 Nordman fir trees were cut down from a field near the centre early last week.

Angry owner Reinhard Biehler said: ?We are very annoyed because the thieves went for the best trees which were about seven or eight years old and ?900 is a lot of money to us.

?We feel terrible that people are going to get a?bargain?of a Christmas tree that belongs to us and we definitely know that about 20 Nordman fir trees were stolen.

?We went looking for the trees during the week but there was no trace of them and they are probably being sold further afield now.

?Some of the trees were ones that we would have used next year so as far as we?re concerned these thieves have pinched Christmas from us this year and next year.?

Baytree staff are now counting the cost of the missing 5ft to 6ft trees that police think were cut down with a chainsaw before being loaded onto a lorry or van to take away.

Mr Biehler added: ?These are special Christmas trees that have a lovely green colour and don?t drop their needles.

?They were growing in a field behind some bushes, but someone who knew they were there came with a chainsaw and cut them down while they were still growing.

?The trees are quite expensive at about ?45 each so if any are being sold cheaply, they are probably ours.?

General manager Nigel Wallis said: ?The trees were being grown as stock to?sell?at our garden centre and we?d spent the last few years nurturing and getting these Nordman Fir trees to the right size.

?But at the beginning of last week, we became aware that some lowlifes had gone into the field where the trees were growing and cut down 20 of them with a chainsaw.

?These particular ones were about eight years old, so it?s eight years? worth of wages, feeding, growing and maintaining these trees that have now gone.

?Fortunately, we?ve always got back up for our Nordman Fir trees but it makes me angry that these people think they can just go into our growing fields and take them.

?It affects everything we do because we try not to buy that many trees in from abroad but grow them ourselves instead.?

Inspector Jim Tyner, community policing inspector for Spalding, said: ?I can confirm that we have received a report regarding a theft of Christmas trees where about 20 trees growing in a field were cut down with a chainsaw.?

Anyone with?information?should call police on 101.


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