Christmas with Thompson & Morgan

The Thompson & Morgan Christmas Gifts Catalogue is an ideal solution for living gifts ideas, with guaranteed delivery before Christmas day on orders placed before 6pm on 20 December. Highlights include festive bouquets and luxury tasty treats that can?t be found on the high street.

Alongside Christmas classics like amaryllis, poinsettia and the bestselling scented hyacinth baskets, there is a contemporary range of indoor plants all picked for their ease of care and impact on delivery. Comprehensive care guides supplied with every plant item mean friends and family don?t need to be master gardeners to enjoy the pleasures of our living gifts.

Highlights include:

Scented hyacinths: simple yet stylish, Thompson & Morgan?s bestselling hyacinths are guaranteed to give results and are carefully planted into exclusive hand-woven baskets. The item is sent out as the bulbs are beginning to sprout so that the recipient can watch the stems stretch and the ?Pink Pearl? buds burst into a frenzy of blooms.

Orchid ?Wonder of Nature?: this new moth orchid amazes with its seemingly natural blooms, but to create the shocking colours of this orchid skilled plant breeders inject a harmless blue dye into the stem of a white orchid. The blooms will delight for two to three months and subsequent flushes of flowers will revert to white.

Cyclamen ?Fleur en Vogue?: an attractive easy-care houseplant that will bloom continuously through the winter months. Much of the charm comes from the intricately veined, heart-shaped leaves.

Princettia: a unique poinsettia offering six months of colour. ?Princettia? will remain a talking point for far longer than the more common poinsettia, and isn?t fazed by central heating or draughts. Dressed in a contemporary gift bag with strong stems and intense pink bracts.

For more information please visit: or call 0844 573 1818 to request a catalogue copy.

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