Durston Garden Products has climate change high on agenda

Durston Garden Products is determined to stay out in-front with regards to the change in climate.

The buying season in the gardening industry has been between September and Christmas. Deliveries to garden centres happen in the following February.
With the weather being so unpredictable and the seasons changing, it means this is no longer the case.
“As suppliers and buyers, we need to be able to react to whatever the weather throws our way”, says Dan Durston.
“This means we should be able to place an order with the confidence of knowing that such an order will happen. More importantly, it will be delivered on-time.
“At Durston Garden Products, we take pride in our customer service. If ever we’re called upon to deliver compost, whatever the time of the year ‘We can and We Will’ deliver on our promise.
So why does Durstons think they can survive where others may fail?
“All our products are home-produced here in the UK. This gives us an advantage over many of our competitors, something we identify as our USP.
“On top of this, the quality of our growing media and the value-for-money that it offers is well documented. We are more flexible in our approach to business which many garden centres seem to like.
“Also, and unlike other brands, you won’t find our products cheaper in supermarkets”.
Durstons has a reputation for being a proud British business which was founded in 1860. It doesn’t export or import anything from overseas, and works to ensure that all its work practices are thought through.
Land management and recycling are particularly high on Durstons agenda. The company often goes that extra mile to ensure its environmental policies are met.
“I’m a great believer that you reap-what you-sow” continues Dan. “With the uncertainty of Brexit still looming, and many companies finding themselves in un-chartered waters, nothing has changed at Durstons. We can, with confidence, move forward knowing we are well placed for a better and brighter future.
“The World as we know it is changing, the industry too is changing. Climate change IS happening. As long as we all keep that thought in our minds as we go about our daily routines and adapt – We CAN and We WILL survive it.

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