Good quality coffee brings success for Stewarts Garden Centres

After introducing the Shutelake range of? speciality coffee just under 2 years ago at the 3 Stewarts Garden Centres, demand has increased to a point where take away packs have now been introduced. Ivan Harris started Poole based Shutelake Coffee with his family following 7 years? experience in the coffee industry and now supplies a variety catering outlets across the UK. Linda Sessions, Catering Manager at Stewarts, said that whilst its obvious that there is a huge demand for well-made coffees in the UK, the introduction of the blends, including decaffeinated, has boosted sales within the Garden Centre cafes.

?Ivan has packaged the popular Olney Blend as a retail product after requests from customers to be able to make their own at home. We urge customers to recycle the used coffee to help grow their plants as its full of Nitrogen which is great for plants but not liked by slugs and cats,? said Linda Sessions. ?The coffee is also enjoyed by our gardening guests annually at our hospitality centre within the New Forest Show.?

Shutelake also provides the barista training for Stewarts 80 catering staff and provides essential dosing and quality checks on the coffee machines. Stewarts are also withdrawing its takeaway cardboard cups as part of their contribution to recycling initiatives.

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