Gardman bird care sales boosted by cold weather

Latest information released by the British Trust for Ornithology shows that more birds than ever are visiting gardens in their droves. This evidence is backed by the sales figures from Gardman.

The BTO says that the current cold snap could not have come at a worse time for birds. Natural foods are scarce – seeds and fruits stores have been depleted over winter, while many insects are yet to appear.

The result is that consumers have come to the birds? rescue.? During the first quarter of the year Gardman?s overall wild bird care sales have soared by up to 17% compared with the same period last year.? Feed sales have been boosted with energy suet type products showing the highest growth, proving that consumers understand that birds need high energy products in cold weather and when snow covers the ground. The significant increase in bird feed sales has also had a halo effect on feeder sales which experienced a 7.5% rise over last year.

?With no indication of more seasonal temperatures any time soon, sales are likely to continue to remain buoyant in the immediate future so it?s an opportunity for garden centres and other retailers to ensure that they have in depth stocks of a good range of feeds and feeders, particularly high energy feed products,? says Jane Lawler, marketing director at Gardman.

Top sellers in the first quarter at Gardman have been 12.75kg and 2kg Seed Mix, Flip Top Feeders, 2kg Peanuts and 50 x Fat Balls.



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