Community garden flourishing

Wigan?s newest community garden centre is almost complete, with wormeries, winter vegetables and flowers to draw people in.

Since 2000, residents have been making use of the green space in Gordon Street, Scholes.

But over the last seven months members of Sunshine House have been working to reorganise the area into an operational garden centre for community use.

People can buy compost, seasonal vegetables and bio fertiliser produced by the wormery on the site.

Garden manager Steven Brown said: ?The garden was very neglected and needed some work.

?It was mostly flowers, but we have changed to growing vegetables which is more useful for the community.

?At the moment we are just getting ready for spring, as we are getting the flower beds down and we have a bit of flagging to do.

?We are nearly finished now and are keen to get the community involved, although people can?t turn up and do their own thing, as it is all structured.

?We have pupils from schools, such as Oakfield in Hindley, coming in to help us plant seeds and do general maintenance and the youngsters enjoy it.

?And if anyone wants their garden doing, I will go to their home and help them out.?

Barbara Nettleton, who runs Sunshine House, based in Scholes Precinct, Vauxhall Road, said: ?The area has had a real facelift.

?And it is no longer being run as a community garden, as we have plans for an expansion.

?People can?t come in and do what they want but they can come in and buy vegetables and flowers.

?We want to address the poverty gap and supply cheaper vegetables and compost on a daily basis.

?We also have wormeries, which produce rich bio fertiliser and we are looking at doing bug huts.

?We also have a van, so we can deliver to people.

?This is all about promoting and supporting our social enterprise within the community.?


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