Compact storage to help defend your tools from thieves

Theft from gardens, sheds and allotments is unfortunately increasingly threatening gardeners.

A survey by the NFU Mutual?s Agency network found that gardening equipment theft was one of the biggest growing trends with it ranking fourth in the most targeted items in its 2016 Rural Crime Report. The result of this is that gardeners, particularly allotment owners, are wary of leaving tools unattended, even if securely locked away, and are looking for ways to protect their equipment.

WOLF-Garten tools has launched a new handle as part of its multi-change? range offering a potential solution to green-fingered thieves stealing tools from allotment sheds. The ZMV150 is a space saving telescopic handle that retracts from 150cm down to 90cm, making it easier to store and move around. With a minimum length of 90cm it fits perfectly in the boot of even the smallest car – granting gardeners the option to carry their entire tool kit in the boot of their car, so it need no longer be stored at the allotment.

The ZMV150 telescopic handle fits all WOLF-Garten multi-change? tool heads, of which there are over 60 offering solutions for all gardening tasks from cultivating to lawn care, and cleaning to tree care. The range comprises of 15 handles but the new ZMV150 is the only one that can fold down to such a compact size whilst offering the same operating length as a standard handle.

Nick Hills, General Manager of the Garden Division, commented: ?The multi-change? system has a strong heritage that keeps evolving. We do this by developing new, useful tools based upon the needs and requirements of modern day gardening. Theft is unfortunately a big problem for gardeners so we hope that our new handle will help gardeners reduce the risk.?

The new handle is made from lightweight yet strong high-quality aluminium so offers all the resilience and durability gardeners have come to know and love of this long established gardening brand. It retails at ?19.99.

For further information about WOLF-Garten and to see the stockist locator visit You can also find WOLF-Garten on Twitter at @WGGardentools and on Facebook by searching for WOLF-Garten Garden Tools.

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