Cordless garden equipment from high street price pressures

A new range of powerful 56volt battery-powered garden products will help redress the imbalance in profits that has been caused to garden centres by the major multiple retail sheds forcing retail prices down.

The EGO range of lithium-ion battery powered equipment ? a lawnmower, two strimmers, hedge cutter, chain saw and blower ? are available only to garden centres and specialist independent garden equipment dealers, guaranteeing that there will be no price pressure from sheds and cut-price retailers.

?EGO is the top selling battery powered garden products brand in the United States and achieved this status during its first season on the market. We have specifically elected to go exclusively down the independent dealer and garden centre route in the UK. Over the past decade the majority of profit available to retailers on lawnmowers and powered garden equipment has been squeezed as multiples drive prices ever downwards,? says EGO?s marketing director, Steve Roskell.

?By maintaining our route to market we can offer garden centres the opportunity to move back into the sector with a premium and unique product with margins safeguarded from these high street pressures. We have enjoyed an incredible first season and look forward to establishing EGO as the must-have brand for cordless garden machinery,? adds Steve.

The company has invested heavily in year one on above and below the line support, including in-store pos. Product for garden centres and independent dealers is distributed by Henton & Chattell Limited in Nottingham, one of the UK?s leading garden product dealerships.

?Customer satisfaction is extremely high,? says Steve. ?The quality of EGO is unrivalled in the cordless sector and the added power provided by the 56 volt lithium-ion battery puts it in a class of its own, rivalling petrol powered alternatives but without the fumes, fuss or noise.?

For further information about the EGO Power+ visit or contact Henton & Chattell on 0115 986 2161.


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