Createpose launches innovative retail communication tool

Createpose, brainchild of design agency, have launched an online tool which enables retailers to create and print their own compelling retail materials.

Retailers can use their set of carefully designed bespoke templates on Createpose to create and print point of sale signage, labels and marketing materials. The tool is the first of it?s kind, a design-led aid to help retailers effectively communicate with their shop browsers and bring a high level of brand consistency to their shop floors – whether that?s a rustic artisanal brand, or a more distinct and complex one. Createpose can produce retail communications of any format, from shelf edge and counter tickets, to leaflets and posters, even menus and bottle collars.

It is widely quoted that over 70 per cent of decisions about whether to buy something are made at the point of sale [Retail Week] and recent data showed that a third of potential product sales are lost due to a lack of information. Createpose addresses this need for more effective and inspiring visual communication.

Janette Ralph, creative director at Createpose said, ?You should think of your Point of Sale and signage as your silent salesperson. Because sales assistants aren?t always around to help customers, you need to make sure your POS can do the talking, and do it well!?

Createpose was founded by retail interior designer, Ken Corsie; graphic designer, Janette Ralph; and web developer, Jamie Grisdale. With over 50 years of experience between them, and having worked for some of the UK’s most prestigious brands and shops, from Harrods to Beckworth Emporium, they have the perfect combination of expertise to bring this new tool to market.

Ken Corsie, director of the company, said, ?We know the value of great design and communication in retail but it became clear to us as a design agency that retailers increasingly didn?t. They wanted more control to get quicker and cheaper results, but unfortunately this usually lead to a total lack of brand consistency and fruitless in-store marketing. Developing Createpose was a reaction to this. We?ve created a tool that gives retailers control over the production of all their retail materials, whilst ensuring they look consistent and compelling, through beautifully designed templates. Essentially, Createpose will save retailers time and money, and turn more browsers into buyers!?

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