Creating Compost at Bents

Bents Garden Centres have been growing and nurturing plants at their on-site nurseries for many years.? During this time, they have endeavoured to recycle as much garden waste as possible and have now created one very big, natural and nutritious pile of compost.

Over the past 20 years, all plant and green waste from the nurseries and throughout the centre has been collected and stored on site.? The waste storage had built up to such a size that the decision was taken to convert the well-rotted material into compost.

A local farmer who specialises in recycling plant waste visited Bents to take on the task.? His specialist equipment was used to convert the plant waste into compost; shredding and riddling (sieving) the waste to extract the goodness and convert into a high-grade growing material.

Taking just over three days to complete, the process converted over 20 years of garden waste into 1000 cubic tonnes of quality compost which will now be used throughout Bents, on the nurseries and in the new environmental gardens.? It will also be available to allotment owners at Bents? community allotments located just across the road from the Centre.

Despite all the growth and development, Bents are plant people at heart and have always been hugely committed to growing, nurturing and protecting the environment around them. Their Five Green Footprints outline their aims for a healthier and greener future. This latest project is in line with the first Footprint, Recycling, which outlines the?commitment to recycling and composting all the green waste from their?growing nursery whilst at the same time actively encouraging customers to do the same through the promotion of compost bins.

Now the goodness has been extracted, the remaining garden waste will be used to start the process again, ensuring the natural recycling process continues at Bents.

Bents Five Green Footprints include Recycling; Water Efficiency – Bents 3.5 million gallon reservoir was built in 1976 and helps reduce Bents impact on the environment by collecting all rain and run off water throughout the Centre to be re-used on the nurseries and plant area; ?Healthy Living; Social Responsibility; and Trading Fairly and Responsibly.

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