Creating the feel-good factor in your garden centre?s restaurant

Catering can play a major role in boosting your garden centre?s appeal and turnover. Thermoflor has discussed this matter with experts from the sector and contributes expertise in the field of design and construction, like recently for Forest Lodge in Farnham.?

Food is emotion

At the Garden Retail Experience congress that took place in the Netherlands professor Cor Molenaar (Retail Marketing) held an inspiring speech about the future of garden centres:? ?Catering may be the ultimate experience factor that customers are searching for. Especially if it is combined with loyalty actions such as free coffee when you buy something, it can be a very effective customer magnet. ?

Forest Lodge: twice as many visitors

And a customer magnet it is at Forest Lodge. Thermoflor has recently built an extension at Forest Lodge in Farnham, enabling them to expand their restaurant. The extension is covered with a 12-m roof combined with a 5.6 m roof and large windows of 2 x 2 metres were used. The extension means that twice as many visitors as in the past can now enjoy Forest Lodge?s gastronomy, and the garden centre?s catering turnover has doubled.

Design and construction

Thinking about an extension yourself? Besides advice on materials, you may need expert advice on the best place to locate a restaurant in your garden centre. This is also the moment to think about ways of saving energy, for example through a combination of effective isolation and transparent areas. And of course, for creating the feel-good factor in your garden centre?s restaurant, don?t forget to ensure pleasant, gentle insolation, reflection of sunlight and a good kitchen ventilation.

Expert advice

Want to know more? Read about the different views on the catering concept of international entrepreneurs like Ed Webb and Erwin Meier in the May issue of Garden Centre Retail.

Or contact Ferry Breugem, sales manager at Thermoflor, for expert advice:

Tel. +(31)6 53194354 or + (31)45 5411458

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