Crest Garden delivers autumn value

Crest Garden has revealed their range of autumn winners, offering consumers great value for money on essential products for use at this important time of year.

The Kent & Stowe autumn collection includes Loppers, Secateurs, Hedge Shears, Saws and Hand Tools. Gardeners purchasing the General Purpose Lopper for ?17.99 will receive Hedge Shears worth ?12.99 free of charge.

There are similar value added deals on other K&S products, all of which are fully guaranteed, offer a point of difference and are endorsed with the brand philosophy ?Built on tradition, crafted for life?

In addition to practical products such as the galvanised wheelbarrow and expanding lawn rake, the Crest Garden range includes particularly useful items such as the long handled automatic bulb planter and the extra-large hand leaf grabbers.

Whether gardeners are cutting, tidying, planting or simply enjoying being out in the garden, Crest Garden can make life a little easier with well-designed products that offer real value for money. Attractive packaging with great consumer appeal combined with full colour POS will ensure that these offers fly off the shelf.

Full details of these offers are in the Crest autumn brochure, order now for delivery between August and November 2015.

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