Crowdfunding for Cotswold RAW

From midday on the 10th January it will be possible to join the Cotswold RAW pack for as little as a tenner.?? Cotswold RAW is offering the crowd a 10% stake in its bustling rural business as it seeks to raise ?250,000 that will be deployed to expand its product range whilst evolving both its distribution and production infrastructure.

With some 8.5million dog owners in the UK, it makes sense to invest in a food arena which has enjoyed enviable growth, both in times of economic boom and austerity.? With 1-3 dogs currently suffering from ?obesity-related? issues it?s vital that the same ?healthier living? momentum that is slowly but surely changing the face of human consumption is allowed to migrate into pet food.

With a state-of-the-art, Defra approved kitchen facility (7000sq ft) Cotswold RAW stands tall as a proud family-owned, rural voice championing human-grade ingredients (meat, bones, seasonal veg and beneficial herbs), local sourcing (wherever feasible), ingredient traceability and long-term countryside sustainability.

?Pet humanisation? is the popular movement which recognises that dogs are less pets and more integral members of the family, a thought-provoking realization that encourages health conscious pet owners to apply the same sensible choices to their pet?s food as they would their own: all-natural, nutrient-rich, flavoursome, the welcome presence of superfoods?

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