Traditional mail order seedsman D. T. Brown is helping keen vegetable gardeners save money by harking back to the days not so long ago when peas and beans were widely sold by the pint.? And although it is no longer legal to sell seeds by volume, the company is now offering peas, broad beans and runner beans in the metric weight equivalents of the pint pot.? The cost saving set against the price of the equivalent number of packets is between 31 and 35 per cent depending on variety.

“This is not a gimmick, but a way of offering our customers, many of whom will remember buying ‘by the pint’, even greater value for money”, says D. T. Brown’s general manager Tim Jeffries. ?”It’s ideal for anyone with a large vegetable garden, allotment or someone who wishes to share with a friend”.

The table below gives details of the money-savings available to D. T. Brown customers:


Packet Price 2+Pkts per PintPint RRPPint WeightPint SellRRP Saving ?Saving %age
Pea Excellenz?1.846?11.04520g?7.45?3.5933%
Broad Bean Valenciana?2.253?6.75500g?4.45?2.3034%
Broad Bean Masterpience Green Longpod?1.656?9.90530g?6.45?3.4535%
Runner Bean Polestar?2.348?18.72475g?12.95?5.7731%
Runner Bean White Lady?2.748?21.92500g?14.95?6.9732%
Pea Early Onward?1.645?8.20500g?5.45?2.7534%


To request a copy of the latest D. T. Brown catalogue, available in September 2014, write to D. T. Brown, Western Avenue, Matrix Park, Chorley, Lancashire PR7 7NB, telephone 0845 3710532, fax 0845 3710534 or go online www.dtbrownseeds.co.uk

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