Damaged Deeside dolphin outside Dobbies Garden Centre needs TLC

A Wild Dolphin sculpture created by a Deeside artist is the third piece to be damaged whilst on display in Aberdeen as part of the summer trail.Helen Jackson?s dolphin, named Creels. Crans and Currachs, was damaged early last week, although the exact date is not know.

Creels, Crans and Currachs, which is currently on display outside Dobbies Garden Centre in Aberdeen, is made of woven willow. The weaving has been pulled out and broken and the body of the dolphin has been detached from its woven stand, which is in the shape of a wave. At the moment it is being propped up until Helen can work on its repair.

It is thought that coins dropped inside the dolphin by generous members of the public may have proven too much of a temptation and have been taken out causing damage to the willow structure while doing so. The precise motive behind the actions to the damage the dolphin is as yet unconfirmed.

Helen Jackson, the artist behind Creels, Crans and Currachs remained optimistic and began repairing the dolphin on Monday at Dobbies Garden Centre. The sculpture could not be fixed immediately as the willow has to be soaked and prepared before it can be used. The project previously took two weeks of solid work to complete.

This was the third of three dolphins damaged last week.

Tree?s a Crowd at Westburn Park and the ARCHIE dolphin at Victoria Park were taken in for repairs.

The Wild Dolphins trail runs until August 29.

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