Darlac launches innovative new garden shear

The much awaited and anticipated launch of Darlac?s most innovative product to date has finally arrived and the company could not be more delighted with the response to its revolutionary new Tri-Blade Garden Shear.

?Winning gold at The DIY and Totally Tools Show on Sunday was the icing on the cake? says Darlac?s managing director, Peter Darban.

?We couldn?t have wished for a better start to the launch of this amazing new product. We have already taken large numbers of orders at the show which finishes today, and we have also been informed from our headquarters in Berkshire that the phone has been ringing off the hook as DIY and Garden Centre Buyers alike are anxious to place orders for the season ahead, especially as the Tri-Blade shear is exclusive to Darlac?.

Like all Darlac products, the revolutionary, Tri-Blade Shear has been designed and manufactured to the highest possible standard.
Hedge cutters and topiary enthusiasts can trim to their hearts content in far less time than it would normally take when using a traditional two bladed pair of shears. And whilst it is impossible to give an exact time saving when using three blades compared to a traditional two bladed version, recent consumer focused trials have resulted in users reporting back that greater speed is unquestionably one of the major benefits. The trials have also reported of an improved accuracy of cut as the central blade remains static, whilst the outer blades cut against it.

The two outer blades of these new high spec shears are teflon coated to reduce friction and alleviate the likelihood of rust forming in the metal, whilst the central blade is chrome armoured and completely heat-treated to also prevent rust, but more importantly to act as a central point of focus. This in turn creates additional stability and ensures a ?real-bite? to the cut.

Unlike conventional shears, the new Tri-Blade shears outer blades are also heat-treated; but to a different level than that of a traditional set and with particular focus being placed on the cutting edge.

The new revolutionary Tri-Blade shears from Darlac are available in three models:

? DP900 with Fibreglass handles. Weighs 887gms. Retail price ?30
? DP905 with Aluminium handles. Weighs 927gms. Retail price ?30
? DP910 with Aluminium Telecopic handles extending from 660mm to 890mm, weighs 1.125 Retail price ?35

DIY and Garden Centre Buyers wishing to stock-up with Darlac?s new Tri-Blade shear will be pleased to know that Darlac has put together an exclusive stand deal which includes all three models in small quantities – so no need to worry about storage problems.

The stand which comes F.O.C. (free of charge) with pegs, and measures
(H) 1.5m x (W) 0.7m x (D) 0.5m, boasts a wonderful bright coloured
eye-catching header display which will grace any garden centre floor or DIY outlet. It can also be free-standing, for double-sided use, or can be placed against a wall.

The starter package includes:

6 x DP900 Tri-Blade Shear ? with fibreglass handles,
6 x DP905 Tri-Blade Shear with Aluminium handles
12 x DP910 Tri-Blade Shears with telescopis handles.

For further information about stocking this extraordinary new?garden shear form Darlac, or for information on any other Darlac product, please call the?Darlac Sales Team on: 01753 547790.

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