Darlac new collections hailed a success

Garden tools and equipment supplier Darlac, returned to GLEE this year with an array of new pre-set collections for the trade.? There were nine collections in total showcased on the stand, which was busier than ever due-in-part to the recent acquisition by Mr Fothergill?s seeds.

The Collections Range were compiled using sales data from the Darlac brand identifying its fastest moving lines? and included a ?Best Sellers? range and specific specialist ranges such as the ?Expert Range?, the ever popular ?Swop Top System? and more.

?We offer a fantastic range of quality cutting tools and other garden equipment,? said newly appointed business development manager, Chris Owen:??And we believe that by creating these collections it will be easier for the garden trade to make its choice. These collections simplify our offer and will hopefully save time for the busy buyer whilst also making it easier for the consumer to choose what they want.

“The Best Sellers range is exactly what it suggests, and is already proving to be a great-hit with garden centres as they add the Darlac brand to their mix.?The Expert Collection of precision engineered tools is also causing a stir, along with the versatile Swop-Top Range.?

Darlac has long been recognised as a company which supplies quality garden tools and equipment, at affordable value-for-money prices. It boasts an array of award winning products, which more-and-more garden centres are now stocking, and which more garden editors are also recommending!

For any retailer new to Darlac, or any existing customer wishing to stock Darlac?s Collections Range for the first time, Chris recommends the ?Best Sellers Collection? as a great starting offer, and commented: “At a trade price of less than ?500, complete with an attractive display stand and point-of-sale header board, ?Free on Loan?, this really is the best introduction to Darlac that any retailer could wish for, plus of course, the additional sales that go with it!?

For further information on any of Darlac?s Collections please call: 01753 547790.

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