Datalogic launch new Queue Busting POS app

Datalogic has launched?the new Datalogic Queue Busting App to help improve customer satisfaction during peak hours in high street stores.

The firm?in automatic data capture and industrial automation markets, and producer of barcode readers, mobile computers, sensors, vision systems and laser marketing equipment, has produced the cost effective solution to improve customer experience at the point of sale.

Luigi Frison, senior manager store automation for Datalogic ADC said: ?The new queue busting app provides retailers with the opportunity to better manage periods of high demand at the point of sale without the need to open extra till points.

?This enables customers to move through the checkout process more quickly, while still enjoying personal attention and a satisfying shopping experience.?

A store assistant equipped with a Datalogic Joya? device and a portable printer enables items to be scanned and packed while the customer waits in line.

Once each item has been successfully scanned, the transaction information is converted into a 2D barcode which is printed onto a ticket by the mobile printer.

The printed ticket will also contain 1D barcodes for any ?unknown barcode? items.

When the customer reaches the front of the queue, the cashier simply scans the barcodes on the ticket presented before taking payment for the items.

There is also an optional smart app running on a personal computer in the store, which allows Wi-Fi or USB transfer of product information from the back office to the Joya device, to prevent issues at the POS due to possible unknown items. This additional application is included in the Datalogic Queue Busting App package.

No special interfacing is required at the POS for the Queue Busting App to be implemented. Visit for more information.

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