David Domoney partners with water garden supplier OASE

David Domoney becomes brand ambassador for the water gardening giant, OASE. He aims to demystify water gardening and encourage more people to add water to their gardens.

David says, “Since lockdown, many gardeners are keen to expand their hobby into new, exciting areas and water gardening is a popular choice because the sound and movement enhances the relaxing atmosphere of the space.”

If installed correctly, adding areas of water can be a haven for visiting wildlife. David adds, “When you install water in the garden it adds a new dimension to your design as well as more planting opportunities. From water lilies flowering on a pond whilst fish swim beneath to the sound of tranquil water flowing from a self-contained water feature, the beauty of adding water can be as big or small as your garden dictates. Combining lighting, plants and water movement will bring a whole new feel to your outside space.”

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