David the Bearded Dragon enjoying St David?s Day at Squire’s

To celebrate St David’s day on Sunday 1st March, Squire’s are inviting customers to visit David the Bearded Dragon. David and?his friends will be at Squire’s garden centres in Badshot Lea, Washington, Twickenham and?Stanmore.

The centres will also be promoting the sale of daffodils to brighten up homes this St David’s Day.

Fun Facts about Bearded Dragons

  1. Bearded Dragons originally come from Australia and are scientifically known as Pogona.
  2. They are called Bearded Dragons because of the beard like pouch under the mouth that they can inflate, and the dark colours that it will turn.
  3. They live in hot arid climates, such as semi-desert areas and dry woodland, and love to climb and jump, as well as burrow.
  4. While there is little water in their habitat they do actually enjoy swimming.
  5. Bearded Dragons have very strong legs and can move at an astonishing rate if they need to, generally though they can only sustain short bursts.
  6. They have excellent eyesight and can see prey over a fair distance.
  7. Most adult dragons are docile and friendly with a good temperament. They can be quite outgoing and adventurous at times.
  8. In groups, more dominant dragons will often climb and lie on top of another dragon in order to claim a basking spot.
  9. They can go for weeks without eating although generally are very greedy eaters.


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