Deco-Pak pushing for major supplier status

In demand garden and landscaping supplier Deco-Pak has come a long way from its humble beginnings since establishing itself in the garden industry over a decade ago.? With a reputation for supplying quality decorative aggregates and landscaping materials – the business has since expanded into birdhouses and feeders, and is gradually becoming a one-stop-shop for retail partners.


Successful new product additions are helping Deco-Pak to win plenty of new business, with existing customers such as Thompsons Plant and Garden Centre making great strides forward with the new Heritage Stone Co. aggregates range, and the rebranded Chelsea Garden range of growing media; improving sales in its gravels and sands department by a whopping 300%.? With other ranges such as the newly rebranded Heritage Birdhouses and Feeders also proving successful, buyers are now looking on with keener interest at what else the company has to offer.

New products in buyers? sights

Early success for Deco-Pak?s Eastern Stone Co. range, with the Buddha Head taking home the ?highly commended? award at Glee 2015, looks set to lead the company into new territory.? The unique rainbow sandstone range of statuary and water features now includes a new decorative yet functional hand-crafted Eastern Stone Bench and Eastern Stone Tulip planter. ?Retailers looking for multi-use products are further livening up their statuary offering with the new Eastern Stone Bird Bath that not only provides an attractive feature for birds, but can also be planted and even turned into a unique water feature.

New gift and wildlife products

The top bestsellers from Deco-Pak?s incredibly popular decorative birdhouses and feeders range were boxed in new packaging, which has been working to draw attention to the range?s gift potential.? 2016 will see more of the existing ranges under the Heritage banner, further increasing profit potential for retailers.? In the meantime, four new insect hotels, designed for UK insects by experts, have been launched to give retailers even more profit making opportunities in the wildlife care product category.

Premium heritage aggregates

After a successful initial trial with several stores, the Heritage Stone Co. range is now being rolled out to an increasing number of garden centres across the country, thanks to Deco-Pak?s investment in packaging and a dedicated in house graphic designer.? Investment in marketing has also lead to publicity and exposure in a range of lifestyle magazines such as Period Living and also on TV, as part of ITV?s Love Your Garden series.? The range is made up of eight different decorative aggregate mixes, including Yorkshire Gold, Cornish Silver and Highland Marble.

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