Deco-Pak selling the sound of ‘Crunchy Gravel’

Product trends are mostly determined by weather, fashion, and celebrity culture, and it is rare that crime is considered an influencing factor. However in the case of domestic aggregates, crime has influenced an unexpected trend for ?crunchy gravel? – according to leading decorative aggregates supplier Deco-Pak.

Gravel has been the first choice for homeowners for many decades, thanks to its variety of colour choices, natural aesthetics and ease of maintenance, however a new benefit has recently been cited, in doing so it is helping to keep our homes safe from thieves.? ?Crunchy gravel? is so named thanks to the satisfactory crunch noise it makes underfoot.? Police constabularies in the UK regularly consult with homeowners to advise them to install gravel paths and driveways, especially around the house and by the garden shed.?? The reason is obvious – burglars look for low risk, easy targets – and the crunchy sound of gravel presents too high a risk of getting caught.

Deco-Pak’s general manager Rod Slater said:? “All of our decorative aggregates provide consumers with the crunchy effect, especially bestsellers Moonstone and Golden Flint which are two I would recommend as being most effective.? Retailers can also advise their customers of our home delivery service to encourage upselling quantities with the benefit of a richer crunching sound and therefore greater security.”

As well as making the home safer, laying aggregates on driveways also improves the value of the home, which is a message that is being reinforced by what are known as ‘crunchy gravel programmes’.? TV shows like Downton Abbey depict long sweeping drives with servants waiting for their lords and ladies’ carriage as it crunches over the gravel, and consumers, say Deco-Pak, are definitely buying into this idea more than ever.

Rod Slater added: “This increase in demand is a great opportunity for retailers to supply two solutions at once – added security and increased property value.? For retailers the message is simply to advise the customer to buy enough to ensure their home deters burglars and encourages well heeled guests!”

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