Derrys Nurseries suffers £4k damage in torrential downpour

Derrys Nurseries in Leicestershire has suffered damages as a result of floods. It will cost them about £4,000 to their business.

Alan Dayman has owned Derrys Nurseries in Cossington for 43 years. He said that he has never seen anything quite as bad as this before.
The rain started to fall at around 8am and the shop was overcome by the floodwaters.
“The water was about six to eight inches inside the shop,” Alan said.
“In the car park it was pretty much up to our knees, we had sent one of the lads out with wellies on to move the cars.
“We had about 20 minutes to get everything up off the floor and put cardboard down, it was so quick.”
By about 9.30am Mr Dayman said that the store was completely flooded and he had lost some stock as a result.
“It has damaged some of the stock and it’s left behind a lot of silt and sand,” he said.
“Luckily there were no customers inside the shop. It was at its worst at about 1pm but by 3pm it had pretty much disappeared.”
He also said that because the flood was so quick they didn’t have time to put down sand bags and chose to prioritise saving the stock inside.
And the shop has suffered an extensive amount of damage.
Mr Dayman estimates that the cost of cleaning and repair to the building will cost around £3000.

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