Soil digging made easy by Cobra

Once the glory summer days of regular flowers, crops and harvesting have passed, gardeners face the task of digging up, clearing soil and preparing ground ready for next year. This can often be a hard task, particularly for those with larger plots.

However, the new T40B cultivator from Cobra can save hours of labourious and back-breaking digging.

The T40B is powered by a Briggs & Stratton 140cc petrol engine so breaks up the ground and clears areas much quicker than manual alternatives. By doing so it also aerates the soil which ultimately boosts plant growth as a healthier soil is created. This in turn makes weeding easier.

It has a width of 16? so really help get the job done quicker, and it features four robust steel tines for effortless cultivating so the machine takes the strain meaning you don?t have to. The tines can cultivate to 250mm deep and, reaching such depths further boosts aeration and soil health.

When working patches of soil, manoeuvrability is key and the front transport wheel is invaluable when taking your cultivator to and from the job in hand. The ergonomically positioned controls not only make operator use more comfortable, but more importantly, make using the Cobra cultivator as safe as possible.

It is priced at ?299.99 (RRP including VAT).

For more information about the Cobra T40B cultivator, and to find your nearest dealer, please visit

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