Discover Practicality with FOOdtongs: the Ultimate Kitchen Accessory

Professional chefs and cooking enthusiasts alike will rejoice this week with the launch of an innovative new take on the dated food tong utensil. Instead of struggling with spaghetti or salad leaves, cooks and diners can easily pick up any hot or cold food one handed with the help of FOOdtongs.

The unique and efficient design of the FOOdtongs brings the best practicality to the tables of British and American families in need of a sensible solution. Perfect for serving pasta, noodles, salad, bread and vegetables, the multi-purpose kitchen utensil was designed in the UK with functionality in mind.? With an engineered precision grip, non-scratch surface and a heat resistant quality, you can serve up hot food straight from the pan with ease.

David Donahue, designer behind the product said, ?The FOOdtongs were borne out of a need to do things better ? if something?s not working, then fix it! The dated design of the food tong was inefficient and clumsy, and often ended in spilling good food; we couldn?t bear that so set about designing a fully functional utensil.? With two years of design and development in the making, FOOdtongs offers an unusual and practical approach to kitchen and dining activities, which will make serving drastically easier.?

The new breed of tong, whilst prioritising practicality does not compromise on style and grace.? FOOdtongs blends a beautiful aesthetic with an ergonomic design to tick all the boxes for an attractive multi-purpose utensil.? The versatile serving tool is also dishwasher friendly, and locks down to allow for easy compact storage ? they really have thought of everything!

The engineered precision grip of the FOOdtongs can also be incredibly useful for those with less mobility in their hands and wrists, and elderly people who find it difficult manoeuvring certain foods.? As it is so light and easy to use, the perfectly balanced tong action can make the elderly or disabled to feel more independent and cook or serve food themselves.? It?s an ideal and practical gift for elderly relatives or even newlyweds, who will want their kitchen fully kitted out with the freshest designs and functional features.

David adds, ?Perfect for speeding up service in a busy kitchen or just as attractive to place on the table at a dinner party, the FOOdtongs are in a league of their own.? Retailers will be snapping up this product as it is destined for popularity, so contact us today about stocking this refreshing and unique kitchen accessory.?

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