DJ Turfcare brings Viano organics to GLEE 2016

DJ Turfcare is the sole UK importer of Viano organic lawn and turfcare products. This year?s GLEE offers the perfect opportunity to learn about the products, their effectiveness and value to gardeners, landscapers and groundsmen. Viano?s MO Bacter is an award-winning fertiliser with an outstanding action for lawns with moss infestation. Releasing its nutrients over a twelve week period, the effective ingredients are nitrogen, phosphate and potash plus magnesium, together with natural bacteria that consumes dead material like moss and thatch. There?s no black mess and no raking out is necessary with MO Bacter. The product is available in 20kg bags which gives a coverage of up to 200sq metres and 7.5kg bags to cover up to 75sq metres.

Viano Bio-Lime is the ideal all year round soil conditioner for combating a low Ph, the natural occurrence as the lawn takes up nutrients from the soil and rain increases the acidity, while washing out the lime. Bio-Lime has a higher concentration than standard calcium lime and as a pH amendment effectively ?sweetens? the soil, neutralising the acid to allow nutrients to promote healthy growth. The product also contains moss and thatch-eating bacteria and magnesium to help create green, healthy sward. Bio-Lime comes in granular form in 20kg bags and covers 200 to 400 sq. Metres. The Viano ranges of organic products also include Recovery, Universal Lawn Feed and Organic Plantfood together with the professional range.

David Jenkins, DJ Turfcare?s Managing Director says: ?Last year?s GLEE was tremendously successful for us with MO Bacter becoming a best-selling product through garden centre outlets across the UK in 2016. We?re very much looking forward to this year?s show with our new Viano display.?

Stand No. 19A03 at GLEE.

For more information or for any sales questions, call or visit the website: DJ Turfcare Equipment Ltd. 01483 200976


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