Dobbies Garden Centre manager honoured by special nomination

A dedicated volunteer from has been recognised for her continued hard work in raising money for a worthy charity.

Cheryl Barnacle, who is from Stockingford, will be attending a special honorary meal as part of a celebration being held by the national charity Cancer Research UK.

The evening in London will feature 22 supporters who have been specially selected because of their ongoing charity work.

It is a double celebration for the charity ambassador who collected ?920.21 from staff at Dobbies Garden Centre in Mancetter, who chose to support Cancer Research UK as their charity of the year.

So far Mrs Barnacle has managed to raise almost ?400,000 for the cause, which has helped to continue research into cures for different types of cancer.

Mrs Barnacle, who was told she would be attending the ‘Thank you Celebration Lunch’ by her charity manager, said: “I was really surprised and greatly honoured.

“I don’t do the fundraising to get awards and ‘thank you’s’.”

The 57-year-old first began fundraising seven years ago after her husband Clive passed away from stomach cancer.

“It is a bit of a personal crusade,” she added.

“When I first lost him I knew that I wanted to make a difference.

“I chose Cancer Research UK because I thought if the money is there they can do the research, and then they can find a cure and will not need the hospices.

“I wanted to raise ?1 million and have so far raised ?400,000.”

The active community member can often be seen in Nuneaton town centre and at fairs and events promoting the charity as well as collecting funds to be donated.

“I do a lot of fundraising all through the year,” she added

“I work in the evenings so I can go to charity events in the day.”

But as well as boosting charity coffers, the generous volunteer also enjoys the social aspect of taking part in fundraising.

“I have a little group of friends helping me, with making things for the events and helping out on the stall, all the people who help out,” the mum-of-two said.

To mark her efforts, Mrs Barnacle will be making her way to the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel to take part in the lunch on September 22, where she will be joined by other important faces who have helped to build funds for the charity across the UK.

Nominated supporters will be able to take a guest and managers from the cause will also be attending to congratulate the volunteers.

But the bank worker says that her work is not yet done.

“I’d like to get to ?1 million, but it might take a while,” she said.

“I’d like to say a huge thank you to Dobbies Garden World and their staff for choosing the charity as their charity of the year. It is a great opportunity for us to raise additional funds. They have been doing tombolas and bad packing to help raise the money during April, May and June.

“I’d also like to thank everybody who helps to raise money, to everyone who buys a tombola or buys a badge, every penny counts.”

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