Dobbies Garden Centres report Superfood sales soaring as people boost their diets

With superfood salads, soups and the juicing trend taking off, Dobbies Garden Centres’ 34 garden centres across the UK are reporting an 85 per cent rise in sales of beetroot, spinach, kale and broccoli seeds as consumers take to growing their own.

The recent emphasis on having a healthy lifestyle and the ?eating clean? trend, where consumers eat only unprocessed foods, has seen the sale of vegetable seeds, leaves and plants like beetroot, kale and spinach soar alongside superfood staple, blueberries.

Associated with increased health and anti-ageing benefits, superfoods are packed full of nutrients including vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and usually pack a supercharged boost of energy.

Buying fresh from a local store can be expensive so many superfood fans are taking to growing their own; ensuring optimum freshness as well as cutting down on food miles and the cost of their weekly shop in the process.

Super spinach
The source of Popeye?s famous strength, spinach has been around a lot longer than its curly cousin kale but sales are still extremely strong with an increase of 61 per cent on last year. Again, spinach can be juiced and the mild baby leaves are delicious tossed in a light salad or steamed as an accompaniment to fish.

Beautiful beetroot
Red and dark purple beetroot adds an energetic bolt of colour to otherwise boring salads and it?s good for you too. Scientists have claimed the vegetable can combat rising blood pressure and it?s also a good source of iron and folic acid and Dobbies has seen sales of beetroot seeds rise by 96 per cent.

Kale is king
Curly kale leaves have become more and more popular with sales up almost 40 per cent. Kale contains a phytonutrients that is reputed to lessen the risk of several different cancers.? The leaves were originally thought of as a poor man?s spinach in Japan but as they?ve hit UK shores, people are realising just how good kale can be. Crisped with chilli flakes, tossed in a salad or blended for a morning green juice, the opportunities with kale are endless.

Brilliant broccoli
Broccoli contains another phytonutrient that is said to suppress tumour growth and reduce the risk of cancer. Just one portion of broccoli a day is packed full of a daily dose of vitamin C and sales at Dobbies have gone up 53% from last year.

Steve Guy, head of horticulture at Dobbies said: ?Our garden experts have been inundated with queries about how to best grow superfoods like spinach, kale and beetroot in the garden.? With the superfood trend increasing in popularity and more people choosing to ?eat clean?, what better way to make sure there are no added extras in your fruit and veg than by growing them yourself.

?Healthy eating is all about making smart decisions about diet and the food we eat. We?re hearing of more and more people using their garden to help them enjoy the healthiest and freshest produce so speak to a Dobbies expert in store to find out the best way to grow your own and ensure superfoods are super fresh.?

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