Does your team cross sell?

Asking your team to cross sell is a fantastic tool to increase the average basket spend. With a few carefully crafted questions, your team may turn that ?40 sale into a ?60 one.

Cross-selling?is the action or practice of?selling?an additional product or service to an existing customer. Similar, but not the same as upselling, which involves offering an upgraded version of the product the customer is already buying.

We?ve all been cross-sold to. Take a mobile phone salesperson. They?ve sold you the phone of your dreams. They then will likely offer you an insurance or extended warranty plan. Maybe they suggest you take a case too.

Cross selling is a simple technique, by asking a customer if they want a stamp with their greetings card, you?ve added 50p to the ?2 sale.

There are so many examples for cross selling opportunities in garden retailing. Here are a few:

Lawn mower and strimmer

Your customer has come in with money to spend on a middle-of-the-road lawn mower. As a sales rep, this indicates they want their lawn looking tidy. By asking the customer if they?ve considered a strimmer for perfect edges, you?ve got an opportunity to turn a medium sale into a large one.

Cake and coffee

On a smaller scale, why not ask your customer, who has ordered a latte, if they want a sweet treat too? They?re at the till with cakes surrounding them, they will find it hard to resist! It turns a ?2.50 sale into a ?4.50 sale, and increases spend by just short of 100%.

Pot and houseplant

If your customer comes to the till with a lovely Sanseveria, what harm is there asking if they need a pot with that? The customer may have one at home. It might be an impulse purchase and the pot has slipped their mind. Turns a ?15 sale into a ?25 sale with just one question.

The only problem you need to overcome is your staff?s nervousness in asking. Just remind them, the customer can always say no if they want to!

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