Doggy day care opens at flagship Dobbies location

Doggy day care provider, Bruce’s, has opened its newest centre at the Woodcote Green Garden Centre in Surrey, owned by Dobbies. This is the second Bruce’s doggy day care to launch at a garden centre location, demonstrating the success of this new concept for garden centre concessions.

Bruce’s doggy day care centres operate like a children’s nursery, but for dogs. Following 12 years of growth and success, Bruce’s continues to expand and the identification of new site locations is a priority. The Bruce’s brand has already opened four new centres, with plans for further site roll-outs over the coming year.

Garden centre locations are naturally aligned with the Bruce’s doggy day care concept. Often semi-rural and with excess outdoor space, and often have wide green areas where dogs can exercise and play, with the opportunity for small, indoor areas for reception where the dogs can choose to snooze if they wish. 

In addition, the large car parking areas associated with garden centres provide plenty of space at drop-off and pick-up times, as well as accommodating the Bruce’s buses, which ferry the dogs between their homes and the day care centre.

Dog owners generally have a natural affinity with the great outdoors, walking, hiking and enjoying their gardens, making them perfect garden centre customers. Particularly for those centres featuring pet care sections, selling dog food, treats and toys, which Bruce’s customers can enjoy browsing and purchasing from.

Bruce Casalis, founder of Bruce’s, said, “The demand for doggy day care services is booming and as the UK’s leading provider, the Bruce’s brand is set to grow. As we’ve researched sites for new day care centres, it has become clear that a garden centre setting is beneficial to us, while the arrival of our customers is beneficial to them.  It’s a perfect match and we are hoping to replicate more as we grow.”

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