According to Met Office data* this summer is shaping up to be one of the warmest so far this century. And while the hot weather is glorious, it means extra care needs to be taken to ensure that the plants, soil surface and grass in our gardens are well watered.

So if you are looking for advice on keeping your garden looking fresh throughout the summer, well look no further! The UK?s leading gardening supplier, Hozelock, has teamed up with Celebrity TV gardener, David Domoney, to provide some top hints and tips to help give your garden that extra TLC.

After all the hard work invested in your garden, it?s important not to let your flowers and plants wither in the hot temperatures. With this is mind, there are numerous watering solutions to ensure your garden is kept hydrated and in full bloom during the warm summer months.

Follow these simple top tips to help your garden survive in the summer heat:

  1. Water the garden in the morning or at night, not in the high heat of the day. Water droplets on leaves act as a magnifying glass with the sun?s rays to scorch the plant.
  2. If plants in pots really dry out rehydrate them by immersing the?whole pot?in water. Only take it out when the air bubbles stop coming out.
  3. Reuse as much water as possible ? install a water butt to harvest rain fall and recycle the water from the kid?s paddling pool on your flower beds.
  4. When watering remember that you must keep the hose pointed at each plant root at a time rather than just showering over a vast area
  5. If there is a duration of prolonged heat heighten, cut the lawn so you have more grass, this helps the lawn recover & retain moisture
  6. You can use a porous hose or automatic watering system from Hozelock to water plants whilst you are away.
  7. Set your hose to a soft sprinkle rather than a jet, this adds water droplets for the leaves to absorb & stops soil being blasted off the roots. The Ultimate Hose is the perfect hose to keep your garden watered throughout the high temperatures.

To provide the perfect watering solution, Hozelock has developed the 30m and 50m Ultimate Hose, designed to combat everyday frustrations of hose kinks, twists, crushes and splits, and provide users with a reliable and long lasting hose. 25 per cent lighter, the Ultralight technology in the Ultimate Hose allows any gardener to maneuver with ease.

David Domoney, celebrity TV gardener, said: ”The secret with hose equipment is to buy the best quality you possibly can, which over time will prove to be the best economical option. Good quality hose equipment is also less likely to kink and perish making it much more effective to use.”

Designed by gardeners for gardeners, Hozelock?s Ultimate Hose is one of the strongest hosepipes available to gardeners, built to last with advanced UV and frost protection technology, helping the hose to retain its original shape – whatever the weather. Hozelock also offer a 30 year guarantee allowing you to rest assured that you are getting the ultimate in quality.

Hozelock Ultimate Hose is available in the following:?30m ? RRP: ?36.99, 50m ? RRP: ?54.99.

Not forgetting Hozelock?s award winning Auto Reel, with its automatic rewind system designed to make watering even easier. It really is a hose that puts itself away!

Hozelock Auto Reel is available in the following:?20m – RRP: ?89.99, 30mRRP: ?129.99, 40m – RRP: ?149.99

To see the full Hozelock range of tools, equipment and spares visit

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