Dragons? Den contender Write Size launched in UK retailers including Webbs Garden Centres

Since the appearance on the BBC?s Dragons? Den, Write Size has been inundated by retailers and press to learn more about its stationery concept.

Broadcast to 3.4m people, the Midlands based innovators went head-to-head with the notorious entrepreneurs on the BBC Two programme, when they pitched their revolutionary product which aims to make writing easier for children to learn.

Write Size has developed a range of pencils to scale for children aged two years to 10+ in an attempt to make handwriting less daunting, easier to learn and more enjoyable amongst children as a result.

The concept was originally brought to life in 2012 by Ross Williams, after watching his young children struggling to learn to write with a tool which was not in proportion to their hands.

Since the programme aired the team have seen the demand for their product range grow and interest from leading and independent stationers in the UK grow daily.

The successes keep mounting up despite the comments of Peter Jones and Deborah Meedon, with Write Sizeproducts now being launched in a number of retailers across the UK including Webbs Garden Centres, LPC Stationers, Ruddocks of Lincoln and national retailer Rymans.

The company is steadily building a reputation for its products that inspire young and old alike to take a fresh look at what writing instruments should be used to teach a fundamental skill. With the Back to School campaign well under way, Write Size?s next focus will be Christmas.

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