Easitill branches out with multimedia services

Garden centres wishing to use video to help sell their plants, products and services online are now being offered a multimedia service from Easitill (April, 2014).

The EPoS experts say they have branched out to help garden centres up their exposure in increasingly competitive markets.

Managing Director, Rob Gardner said: ?We have seen more and more demand for this and with our background in helping garden centres achieve the best from their businesses through IT, we felt it was a good fit for us.

?Whether it is a promotional video for a website or a video to show in-store we?re now able to help.?

The new multimedia team will be headed up by Dave Everett who has studied fine art, film and media studies and production.

Easitill, which is a family-run business, has assisted garden centres with their EPoS requirements since 1988.

It helps small to medium-sized garden centres and nurseries with EPoS, website, mobile and mail order solutions to improve the profitability and quality of their business operations.

Rob concluded: ?Video is a great tool to help with sales as it can be used to show how a product works or how to do something like re-potting a houseplant or planting a tree.

?They are a great way of extending your customer base as these days the general public is sharing more video footage than ever via social media. You can also use them to entertain your customers and if you can do this you?re halfway to selling to them, as people still buy from those they like even if they are buying online.?

Easitill?s EPoS software is created in-house specifically for garden centres and plant nurseries.

For further details, please call Easitill on 01604 882030, email support@easitill.co.uk or visit www.easitill-horticultural.co.uk.

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