EGO Power+ ? ?a sound judgement?

The battery-powered lawnmower from EGO Power+ offers a quieter alternative to the traditional petrol mower.

One of the most distinctive sounds of summer is the loud roar of a neighbour?s petrol lawnmower being started on a Sunday morning ? thanks to the new powered gardening equipment range from the company, noise disturbances when mowing the lawn are a thing of the past.

The battery lawnmower whispers in at 83 decibels (at operator?s ear). To put this in perspective, a food blender is 86 decibels and a petrol lawnmower is said to be 106 decibels ? just 3 decibels more than an aeroplane flying over at 1000ft.

EGO Power+ is really a ?sound judgement?.

The lawnmower retails at ?499 including a 4Ah battery and charger. For more information, please visit:

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