EKJU launches new website

Garden furniture specialist EKJU has launched a new website to provide customers with in depth and up-to-date product information.

Based in Latvia, EKJU is one of Europe’s biggest manufacturers and exporters of timber garden furniture and has been supplying products into the UK for several years. Its products are constructed using northern European FSC Pine and Spruce.

All of the 2021 product range is featured on the new site, with cut out images and multiple lifestyle shots in some cases. Individual product pages have a full suite of imagery and promotional videos, including assembly videos for core selling lines. There is also in-depth information for each product to give buyers the best view of each product.

The EKJU ‘Sustainability Pledge’ is detailed on the website which includes being FSC compliant to practicing zero waste with using timber waste from production for fuelling its timber kilns.

EKJU’s ‘Live Wood’ guide takes people through perceived flaws in timber that are, in reality, perfectly natural.

The site features the right contacts for buyers to speak to by country and in the UK. Full details of the UK regional sales team are available with email links so buyers can be diverted to their local EKJU representative.

EKJU sales & marketing director, Laura Galzone explains: “Our new site is designed to bring buyers up to date with the EKJU brand and the quality products we produce. It will supply people with all the information they need, to demonstrate product functionality and quality, as well as giving a simple journey to where they could get a quote on an assortment of our timber products. We are excited about the further visibility this will give the EKJU range.”

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