Elho launches Grow Table XXL

Elho, the European market leader for synthetic pottery and related products over the past 48 years, has now launched the Grow Table XXL. This new and extra large grow table is just the right height and an eye catcher on your terrace or balcony. Sow your favourite herbs, plant radishes, lettuce, cherry tomatoes or strawberries and eat what you harvest for months.

Recycled synthetics

The elho grow table XXL has been constructed from recycled synthetic materials and can withstand a great deal. With the grow house XXL (see-through lid) you can easily transform it into a grow house, so your tender young plants can grow protected from the weather. It also allows you to start your sowing earlier in the season. The little slides on the lid create a supply of fresh air while still protecting young growth from cheeky birds and insects. The enclosed calendar provides growing tips for optimal results.

Fresh on your plate

Eating from your own garden has never been this easy! Fill the table with potting soil and sow your favourite vegetables and herbs. Water them and watch the seeds germinate and grow into little plants. Of course you can also put little plants in the soil right away and cultivate those for faster results.

Tip: Vary with colour and sow Swiss chard in rainbow colours, for example. Also lettuce is available in many colours of red and green. Sow small amounts of seeds frequently, so you can enjoy fresh new leaves each time. That way the meal on your plate looks like a feast every day!

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